October Gathering--2012

Topic: Worldview Literacy Project

Date: Monday, October 22nd

Place: Greenwood Library   8016 Greenwood Ave. N., Seattle

            Metro Bus Rt: 5, 35, 48

Time: 6:00-8:00pm  (Join us for social time at 5:30pm)

Admission: Free


The Worldview Literacy Project is an educational initiative that has grown out of four decades of research by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Their research suggests the most powerful step people can take toward achieving their highest potential is the willingness and ability to understand new perspectives.


How can we learn to know ourselves and to appreciate others when faced with an increasing diversity of perspectives and worldviews?


What will help people thrive in a multicultural society with numerous, sometimes dramatically different, beliefs, values, and traditions?


What will help us communicate and work together to create personal fulfillment, healthy relationships, and conscious leadership?


We'll explore these questions and share the learnings from the IONS most recent telecourse, Foundations of Worldview Literacy.