March Gathering--2012
Topic: Activism and Consciousness
Date: Monday, March 19th
Place: Northeast Library 6801 35th Ave. N.E. Seattle
       Metro Bus: 64, 65, 71, 76, 83
Time: 6:00-8:00pm  (Join us for social time at 5:30pm)
Admission: Free

We have focused on an individual change and spirituality last two months. This month, we are looking into more collective and social dimensions of consciousness. How does consciousness relate to activism? What could Conscious Activism mean? What is the relationship between spirituality and collective consciousness?

Andrew Beath wrote a book called Consciousness to Action, and his workshop at 2007 IONS Conference is on IONS website (you can listen to or download for free):

His Shift magazine article, "Navigating the Future: A guide for Conscious Activism" is also available there.

Hope you have a chance to review those, and bring your thoughts and insights. We will explore how and why IONS could play an important role for this critical time of social change.