December Gathering--2010
Topic: Holiday Potluck and Bohmian Dialogue
Date: Monday, December 20th
Place: Greenwood Library  8016 Greenwood Ave. N., Seattle
       Metro Bus Rt: 5, 48, 35
Time: 5:30-8:00pm
Admission: Free, but please bring light snack

This month, we are going to celebrate the Holiday season with food and conversation. Then, we'll have a Bohmian Dialogue.

"Dialogue is a way of observing, collectively, how hidden values and intentions can control our behavior, and how unnoticed cultural differences can clash without our realizing what is occurring. It can therefore be seen as an arena in which collective learning takes place and out of which a sense of increased harmony, fellowship and creativity can arise." (Bohm, Factor and Garrett)

We will begin with no agenda; suspend our judgments. Through this freely-flowing process, we'll examine our assumptions and our preconceptions, and allow something totally new, something none of us had imagined before the Dialogue to emerge.

This paper by David Bohm, Donald Factor and Peter Garrett will help you understand what Bohmian Dialogue is:

Please bring light snack, your own plate, silverware, and mug. We'll provide hot water and tea.