October Gathering--2010
Topic: Have You Had a Noetic Experience?
Date: Monday, October 25th
Place: Greenwood Library  8016 Greenwood Ave. N., Seattle
       Metro Bus Rt: 5, 48, 35
Time: 6:00-7:45pm  (Join us for social time at 5:30pm)
Admission: Free

The IONS new website features a "Big Question" each month. The Big Question for September was "Have you had a noetic experience?" and it's described as:

"Have you ever had an experience that you couldn’t explain? The phone rings and you know who it is before you answer. You think of someone you haven’t thought of for years and then get a letter or an email from them. How about a moment of clarity that forever changed the way you viewed things? An 'event' that you knew was real, to the very core of your being, but could not prove? These are examples of the ‘inner knowing’ that can be defined as a ‘noetic experience.’"

If you go to the page
you'll find articles, videos, and audio recordings on this topic. 87 (as of today) comments from IONS members all over the world have been posted there as well.

Also, the most recent IONS teleseminar was "Science of Noetice Experience" with Dean Radin and Daryl Bem. You could download the recording at:

Please bring your own noetic experience and share it with us. Let's explore what these experiences mean and what they say about who we are.

Please bring some snacks to share. BYO Mug. We'll provide hot water and tea.
If you plan to attend, please reply to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it