April Gathering--2009

Topic: IONS and IONS Community: Past, Present and Future
Date: Mon, April 20th
Place: Shoreline Library, 345 NE 175th
             Metro Bus Rt 347, 348
Time: 6:00-8:45pm
          Join us at 6:00 pm for social time
Admission: Free

Indra's Rainbow is a 'Community Group' of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). IONS Community Groups are coordinated through a volunteer group, the Member Council, whose purpose is to create connection, partnership and coherence across the IONS community

At our gathering this month, we are very fortuntate and happy to have three of the Member Council members: Shirley  Freriks from California, Linda Hassler from Tennessee and Ann Frost  from British Columbia. The Member Council enlivens the IONS Community Group network in the U.S. and other countries. They also act as a liaison between the IONS Hubquarters in Petaluma, CA and Community Groups.

These prominent leaders in the IONS community will share stories about the early years of IONS and of its evolution. You'll hear exciting news about what's going on with IONS today. And we'll talk  about how we could participate in co-creating IONS community with the IONS Hubquarters. You’ll have a chance to ask them about any questions you might have about IONS.

If you have been curious about IONS, this will be a great meeting to find out why IONS members are so passionate. If you are a member of  IONS, you could also share your stories and get to meet other members in our community.

Info about the IONS Member Council:


Shirley Freriks

She worked in the retail field, being instrumental for the Gap store's growth from 11 to 439 stores. She retired at 42 and got involved with community work, such as bringing a recycling program to Marin and High Speed Internet to Mendocino. She has been a member of IONS since 1983. She started a Community Group in Mendocino in 1998. She joined the IONS Stewardship Council in 1999, served the Elder Council, and now serving the Member Council.

Linda Hassler

She worked as a writer, producer and journalist for Canadian Broadcasting Corp, Time Magazine and the London Observer, among others. She has been a member of IONS since 1993. She started a Community  Group called Noetic Explorers in Memphis in 1996. She served on the IONS Stewardship Council for more than five years, and represented  the Stewardship Council on the IONS Board as an ex-officio member. She co-founded the IONS Elder Council in 2005 and the IONS Member  Council in 2007.

Ann Frost

She worked as a college counsellor and teacher. She served as a College Board member, where she was Chair of Advanced Education Council. She has been a member of IONS and a member of Vancouver  Community Group since 1999. She founded West Vancouver Community  Group in 2002. She served as Regional Representative since 2003 for  groups in Central and Western Canada, Alaska, Minnesota, Michigan, Utah, Australian, New Zealand and Rhodesia. She served as an IONS Stewardship Council and Elder Council. She iscurrently on the Member Council.