February Gathering--2009
Topic: Magic Carpet Ride with Fredric Lehrman
Date: Monday, Februray 16th
Place: 15005 Aurora Ave. N. Shoreline (in a strip mall, westside of Aurora)
Time: 7:00-9:30pm
Join us at 6:30 pm for social time
Suggested Donation: $5
Special Guest: Dr. Fredric Lehrman

Our February gathering will feature a very special guest, Dr. Fredric Lehrman. His book, The Sacred Landscape, considered to be a classic of its type, was the gift that IONS sent to all its new premier members in 1989.

Dr. Lehrman has taught and lectured all over the world, and has led seminars with a number of visionaries whom IONS has introduced over the years, including Rupert Sheldrake, Peter Russell, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Hazel Henderson, Marilyn Ferguson and others.

The topics of his teachings span a wide range of conventional and unconventional subjects, including: Leadership without Domination, Life as Art, Rebirthing, Tai Chi in Everyday Life, Nomadic Education, Remembering the Future, Surfing the Economic Tsunami, Pataphysics, Physical Immortality, Reclaiming Personal Power, The Future of Relationships, The Secrets of Music, Dragon Farming, Business Psychology in a Modern World, and many others.

At this gathering, instead of focusing on one topic, we are going to ask participants at the beginning to choose the areas they find most relevant and/or intriguing. Dr. Lehrman will weave these topics into a noetic landscape and lead us on an unpredictable–and fascinating–magic carpet ride.

Dr. Lehrman’s Website: www.nomaduniversity.com