November Gathering--2008
Topic: Permaculture as a Tool for the Shift
Place: Grateful Bread, 35th Ave. at 70th St. NE, Seattle
Date: Monday, November 17, 2008
Time: 7:00-9:30pm
Join us at 6:30 pm for social time
Suggested Donation: $5

We have just witnessed a historical presidential election. A major shift is in the air. We all have a part to play–it's not just one man–as we face these big challenges of our time.

One of the possible approaches to the Shift is Permaculture. IONS recently presented a tele-seminar with Catherine Austin Fitts called “Financial Permaculture.” Permaculture trains:
“individuals in a core set of design principles, those individuals could design their own environments and build increasingly self-sufficient human settlements — ones that reduce society's reliance on industrial systems of production and distribution that … [are] fundamentally and systematically destroying the Earth's ecosystems.” (from Wikipedia)

Please come join us as we learn about the concept of permaculture and as explore how we could apply it to transform our environment and the way we live.

Featured guests:
• Jonathan Scherch: a member of the Core Faculty at the Center of Creative Change at Antioch