September Gathering--2008
Public Gathering: Indra’s Rainbow – IONS Community Group
Topic: What the @#$% is “The Shift”?
Place: Grateful Bread 7001 35th Ave. NE in Wedgewood, Seattle
(Metro buses Rt 64, 65)
Date: Tuesday, September16th
Time: 6:30-9:00pm
Free – Donations welcome

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) publishes a magazine called Shift. And on the IONS website about they talk about "…a shift in consciousness that transforms present global conditions into a world grounded in freedom, wisdom, and love." What is this “shift” ?

• Buckminster Fuller talks about the shift from a you-or-me world—a world where either you or I make it —to a you-and-me world, where all of us can make it.

• Riane Eisler talks about the shift from a dominator model to a partnership model.

Do you feel we are experiencing a major planetary shift? Do you have thoughts about “a shift in consciousness”? Come share your ideas, feelings and stories about how you see the Shift taking place in your life. Meet other like-minded people and join an emerging community to help shape a future that works for all.